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Thanks so much David!!! 

Glad to hear from you! 

And happy to hear that paper bags might last years. 
The university was given a whole bunch of Goldart 
recently and the bags of clay will be picked up on Monday. 

I think the shed has been dry; I was told that there is "dust" 
on the bags. 

The person donating them said that a few of the bags 
might need plastic bags because of some bag damage. 
But I didn't have time to drive there to look at all of them. 
I lost some sleep over this--wondering if the bags might 
have altered over the years. (Probably 10 to 15 years.) 

But that hasn't been my experience. The paper seems to be 
relatively stable. I just wondered if others found that to be true 

Thanks so much for your help with this. 
I will let you know how it turns out :) 


Diana Pancioli 

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> Do you have any idea HOW LONG clay bags, 
> like those that hold fifty pounds of Cedar Heights, 
> can last? That is, if they are never wet, but just 
> stored in a shed. Years?? 

The answer all depends on what you mean by "shed". 
In a proper building, even if it is unheated and cooled, bags will 
last a lifetime. I have 30-40 year old bags of several materials, 
including Goldart and Redart, that are still in fine condition. 

If the shed is questionable and the bags are directly on 
a concrete, or worse, floor, they won't last long. If insects 
and/or rodents have free reign in the shed, the bags are 
likewise likely to fail. Silverfish can eat paper! 

Interestingly, way back when I was setting up my studio, 
I bought 2 50-pound bags of several materials that I seldom 
use (there was a big price savings buying 100 pounds compared 
to 50 pounds). Since I knew that second bag would not be 
touched for decades, I put the paper bags inside black 
plastic garbage bags, for long-term storage. 
Twenty years later, the plastic bags were crumbling plies 
of black, but the inner paper bags were still pristine. 

David Hendley 
david at farmpots.com 

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