[Clayart] levels of buyers

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Mon Jul 31 17:59:38 EDT 2017

this topic has been going on for years.

there are so many levels of sophistication in art/craft
buy and sell.

people that buy art and craft in new york galleries are 
never to be found at the local farmer's market looking for 
pots and bargains.

most of the people at the farmer's market are buying melons 
and corn...so, the potters take what they can get.

if paul is making high end art, he has to have an audience.
he makes the audience, even if it is at art fairs.  they 
come to see him.  many good potters do the same.  next week 
the uptown art fair will be in full swing...the good artists 
will have a huge number of people looking for them. it takes 
years to make that happen.  90 percent of the audience is 
`gawkers`....eating brats and drinking beer. they might buy 
a ring or ear rings.  a mug, who knows.  the look for cheap 

that is why i got out. melted beer bottles as vases, milk 
cans painted blue and green, silly dolls...that stuff sold 
like crazy. like the state fair...a new trick every 
year...the next year there are twenty people selling the 
same crap. so no one sells a thing.

all i know for sure is-  `you gotta find your market and 
work the hell out of it.`  no one will ever do it for you.

(sidebar) we had three huge hits with ridatick this friday.
600 stores in canada, 800 stores in Pennsylvania, and the 
largest `safety products company in america`...we are in 
there catalog..anything from fire engines to ridatick.
they all called us.  i have been pushing a coal car up a 
mountain for 8 years, i think i reached the top...maybe.

and, i have two perfect firings of my big kiln. violet and 
deep red, shino to make me cry.
not bad, it will all sell at some point.  but, it will not 
be on lake and hennepin avenues next week end.
no art fairs for this kid.

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