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You have it exactly right. I had a weaver friend who was rich but also produced incredible work and was selling at ACC shows at prices no  one who had to support themselves  with their work could match. Finally a group of weavers had a polite but firm talk  with her. She raised her prices and everyone was happy and friends and competing on an even basis. I don't think it ever even occurred to her that selling cheap was hurting other weavers.


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> On Jul 31, 2017, at 5:34 PM, mel jacobson <melpots2 at visi.com> wrote:
> paul has it very correct.......
> it has always been a very controversial issue here in minnesota that some of the most inexpensive pots you can purchase are made by warren mackenzie.
> it is his philosophy to charge very little...sort of art for the common man...leach, 1948, socialist ideals.
> as i have said for years, `he gets to do what ever he wants..he can throw them onto the highway...his business.`
> but, when the lead potter of the area sets a price so low
> that it is criminal, it hurts those that want to make a living.  (of course it is almost impossible to get mackenzie pots. friends get in line first.)
> remember, he was a regents professor, nice salary, health insurance paid in full, and, a great pension.
> sort of leaves a funny taste in the mouths of full time potters.  and, i have known for years, i have had the same package as warren. but, i have always been a big supporter of full time potters and keeping an honest price foremost.
> it is a delicate balance.  i have always kept my top prices
> in the $65-75 price range. works for me.  90 percent of what i make are functional, every day pots. and, i work really fast.
> i really don't compete with anyone.  i just do my own thing
> in my backyard.  i stay away from other potters, no competing shows, no art fairs, no renaissance fair
> mel
> warren is 93 years old and still working, many of the potters that did compete with him are dead and gone.
> young artists/potters do not even know who he is.
> of course, if you making 50 clay vagina's to glue to a wall you would not care who he is.  and, of course, what is a wall of clay vagina's worth...not much.
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