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Mon Jul 31 22:35:00 EDT 2017

Seems to me we are comparing apples to oranges. Does a painter charge
in this way, cost of materials, time, etc.? No, they price according
to their talent, popularity, notoriety, and maybe some costs along the
way. Don't think they ever consider cost of materials. Why isn't the
craftsman accorded the same privilege? There is art involved,
especially if considering one-of-a-kind work. The same differences are
accorded to that of a sculptor. Art is the basis of the work and
subject to the same credentials as an artist IMO. Well, then if you do
repetitive work, functional work, that takes one out of the ART field.
However, I have seen many potters turn out fabulous works exhibiting
their talent. Each one has to be decorated individually and sometimes
uniquely. In the old days, craft was delegated to that of an artisan,
but an artisan is described as one who produces another's' work. It is
really an age old question which many still follow at least in one's
mind to this day. Probably never will be an answer.
Bonnie Staffel
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