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Mel said: most of the people at the farmer's market are buying melons 
and corn...so, the potters take what they can get.

Sometimes. It depends on the farmers’ market. Here in Las Cruces, there’s a mix of artists, farmers, food, and musicians. I’ve never actually counted vendors, but my best guess is the most plentiful group is artists. In the artist group there are photographers, potters, jewelry makers, knitters, quilters, weavers, a guy who recycles - which is now called repurposing - stuff into interesting pieces, and probably a few I’ve forgotten. It’s an incredibly varied group. 

Judging by what I see people holding as they walk by my booth, I’d say the food vendors were doing the best followed by farmers and artists. 

The group that runs the local Farmers & Craft Market ensures that no one group is crowding out another group. At the moment, there are no new food vendors accepted. The food category is full. With the exception of the farmers, every vendor has to be a resident of this county. Farmers can be from 2 or 3 counties; I forget exactly. Every artist has to make her/his own work. If you’re caught not making your own art, you are booted out. Artists have to have their work approved before they can sell it. I had to show samples of my jewelry, photography and fiber art before I was allowed to sell it. The organizers don’t want people selling junk and there are artists who make a living selling their art. You play nice with the other vendors or you get booted out. Musicians have to rotate every half hour. When I moved here years ago, there was a tone-deaf trio that played every Saturday morning. If they parked themselves in front of your booth, you were stuck with them. Either the trio retired, or they were asked not to come back. Haven’t seen them in several years. 

It takes a lot of effort from a lot of volunteers to make the local Farmers & Craft Market a success. It’s not just letting people come and pop up an EZ Up. 

Deb Thuman
debthuman at zianet.com

Art is lunging forward without certainty about where you are going or how to get there, being open to and dependent on what luck, the paint, the typo, the dissonance, give you. Without art you're stuck with yourself as you are and life as you think life is. 
Mark Vonnegut

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