[Clayart] Outing the fire weasels

Dannon Rhudy dannon at ccrtc.com
Mon Apr 2 16:49:14 EDT 2018

Ouch! Good that the shelves survived, tho.


Dannon Rhudy

..........After carefully salvaging shelves from that weird last firing, I reached the bottom of the front stack and solved the mystery.
The red herring was that the bottom shelf was lying flat on the walls of the trough I have on the bottom. However, that's now how it was stacked up until about 2270F. Up until then, it was supported about 3" higher on a post resting on the refractory bridge I built over the trough.
When the bridge broke, the shelf slid forward off its other two posts, but fortunately landed flat on the trough. The ware casualty rate was high, but all the shelves emerged without a scratch.
See the broken bridge here:
And think purer thoughts than me or it might happen to you...........
Jeff Lawrence
jefflawr at gmail.com

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