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Useful advise, thank you.

> Jeanne
> Ezup.comEclipse or enterprise 10x10.I did ren for 17 years.Make sure your
> top has dagging it prevents pooling of water.
> I recommend weighting legs double.Sandbagstore.com  get the leg bags line
> with contractors bags fill with sand  these work for ren or concrete
> sites.  Then you can go straight down for guywires.
> If your in rainy places i built a waterproof top using rubberized painters
> tarps i got at home depot.   Make it a couple inches large the tend to
> tighten up over time.  Seal the seams with tent seam sealer.  
> Rather than canvas i went with omg bright cotton poly blend broadcloth or
> light duck.  The poly fades less.   
> Follow Panther pavillions recommendation and no wider than 2 foot stipes
> that prevents sagging.
> Oh and for Ren legal make a ceiling to tie inside to cover things. 
> Uh...10foot 5 inches x 10 foot five inches makes a lovely poof.  Tie in
> center and corners and centers of struts.  Before you raise it to save
> your shoulders.
> My oldest ezup is now 21 years old and still strong and i can still by
> parts for it.  Including replacement tops.
> I own 4 of them and they have survived rain in the pnw   snow  heat 
> and 50 mph winds.  I am a lifetime customer.   Tell em laughing lion
> sent you.
> Oh oh oh one last thing. Make the cover whether canvas or broadcloth
> Colored. if your in a hot sunny area!!!  The white light from the non
> colored will damn near to blind you by days end.  
> I maee my tent sides broadcloth too but i have heavy canvas wall for fall
> and broadcloth ones for summer.  
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> Hi Folks,
> I am looking for a recommendation for a sturdy 10' by 10' pop-up. It needs
> to be strong because I have a canvas top for it that I will use rather
> than the plastic one, and the canvas is some heavier. This is for Medieval
> Fairs.
> Any ideas/
> Thanks,
> Jeanne W.
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