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No in actuality you can go to Park Guell and it is fabulous. You will probably never see anything quite so wonderful.  And if you go to the Sagrada go as early as possible and buy your tickets in advance.  Once in you can stay as long as you want which at minimum will be four or five hours for an artist.


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> Hi Chris,
> If you make molds, the still-under-construction Sagrada Familia Cathedral
> lets you gape at the huge multi-part molds they're using for the building's
> brachiated pillars. These delightful supports make it look far more light
> and airy than lesser houses of worship.
> You can go to Gaudi's futuristic dwelling-space, Park Guell, and see the
> earthenware tiles he installed. Although original painting and glazing has
> cracked and spalled from exposed pieces, somebody here on Clayart (Paul G?)
> linked to a site that claimed they were being restored. Hurry, though,
> before the restorations spall as well!
> Jeff
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