[Clayart] Heartbreak of Black

L TURNER magnolia.mud.list at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 19:54:28 EDT 2018


A friend several years back created a very nice cone non -glossy black
glaze based on Alberta slip.  My recollection is he started with a regular
cone 10 clear made with feldspar, whiting, silica, clay, and a touch of
zinc  (which if left out makes no difference in appearance or clarity) and
did a line blend with the Alberta slip.  He used Alberta's slip because
Albany was not available.

From another approach, I make a nice non-gloss black with addition of 15 %
wt red iron oxide to my standard shino glaze at cone 10 reduction.  It does
tend to move where thick (two dips).  Fifteen percent  was chosen because
15% is the nominal loading of RIO added to our studio clear for our glossy
Cola Black glaze.

Do you need the recipes?

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