[Clayart] ron roy, fast bisque

Brianna Larson briana.l.larson at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 14:51:51 EDT 2018

I have usually had faster bisque firings in my studio, with 2 hour holds at
165 and 185 each, a small ramp to 200 and then I give it a faster ramp it
to bisque temp. I've had 14 hour bisque firings that have never cracked or
blown up, even with slightly damp wares before I start. Of course, this is
for pottery along the likes of cups, mugs, bowls, etc and not fragile,
intricate pieces. If I had something thicker or more fragile, I would
probably have a slower bisque firing. This has been mostly because at my
old studio I had to pay by the firing hour and I wanted to do anything I
could to keep my costs low.
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