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mel jacobson melpots at visi.com
Sun Apr 15 08:43:09 EDT 2018

bill's post just hit the nail on the head.
we all have to measure the time, heat work
that is needed to provide a good bisque firing, to keep
from having trouble during the glaze firing.

as ron has pointed out often....bad bisque firing
will cause pin holes, and other glaze flaws.
`it all depends`  as we so often say.

my thought was if you have bone dry work, as i do,
(i heat my greenware on top of my kilns as they fire bisque.
(in a pyramid, heavy to light`)).we may have to rethink things.

if in fact, the impurities come out near the end of the firing...why
do we slow fire for hours at the start????  seems a waste of fuel
unless your work demands it.  as with 3d sculpture etc, or thick
heavy pots, or if you single fire.

some good studies ahead.  my tiny kiln is working day after day.
it is a joy to have serious work to do.

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