[Clayart] Ron Roy. Please try to tell me WHY!?!

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Hi Rox,

I have no idea - I seem to remember something about bacterial action  
on the red iron but can't remember where

The first thing to do is empty the bucket and make sure you get any  
settled material from the bottom. Sieve through 80 mesh to get a good  

If you do try adding more iron just take a small amount like 2 cups  
and test it that way.


Quoting Roxanne Hunnicutt <roxhun at gmail.com>:

> ron, I had my big bucket of red orange glaze for more than a year, maybe
> two years.
> All the sudden it won?t work.  The same mix, but aged.
> Could there be an aging of the red iron oxide? Does it oxidize?
> What else could have happened?  (I have not mixed more yet.  I?m thinking
> of throwing in more R I OXIDE.  Could it make the glaze work again.  I must
> have over two gallons left.)
> Rox (we met a facade ago in a glaze workshop in the Applegate at Dennis and
> Leslie?s Pottery.)
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