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Yes the idea that that pots originated when clay lined baskets got burned
in a fire is nonsense to any one with a sense for clay.

The same with cord marked pots imitating baskets. Rolling a knotted cord on
a pot, as Cardew pointed out, is a good way to consolidate and even a
surface and the texture makes a nice decoration. This is reason enough for
the technique without a need to imitate baskets.

The other basket marking on pots I've seen was on the bottom of Yayoi jars.
J. E. Kidder Jr. Of "Japan Before Buddhism." Taught an informal art history
seminar at the University of Oregon when he was a visiting professor there.
When I visited in Japan I had the opportunity to visit him and see pots in
his lab. The bottom of each pot was marked with a clear woven pattern as if
the pot had been made on a piece of mat. To me this made sense with the
high symmetry of those pots. This made me wonder whether the pot was turned
on a piece of mat like a puka or if the mat was used like a bat between the
pit and a turntable. Dr. Kidder skotched the idea of a turntable as none
have been found but to me it makes pottery sense to make a pot on a scrap
of mat and turning it to get greater symmetry.

Seola Creek
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