[Clayart] we are old, we humans

mel jacobson melpots at visi.com
Mon Apr 23 07:30:34 EDT 2018

it seems that every decade, the one thing we find out....is that
we as humans have been around a long time.
opps, here is another site...ten thousands years older then the oldest
site ever found.  a new gaggle of academics argue, fight and speculate
about us.
in five years there will be another site found...god, we are old.
we talk about 5 thousand years as if it was last Christmas.

those up rite walking ancestors of ours got along just fine.
they had brains, figured things out, sat around a fire telling
jokes, and farting.

the females made fun of those stupid lazy men, and men told
jokes about sex with women.  it has never changed much.
we ain't so smart.

my favorite cartoon of all time was a 1950's new yorker.
cave woman, watching a saber toothed tiger chasing her 
kid...balloon...`this world is not
fit to bring children up in.`
and of course the nordics were living in canada many years before
columbus's  great great great grandfather got married.

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