[Clayart] great thought paul

mel jacobson melpots at visi.com
Sat Aug 4 08:52:18 EDT 2018

never seen that before...and of course it would work great.
i think we have to call it a double `asian `cap.
remember, i have seen kilns with metal-bestos stacks
with a rain cap.  you have seen them..made for a tiny
wood stove. 

i also see people using polish on their electric kilns.
think they are living room furniture.
`oh, mel, how do i get the stains off my kiln?`
you don't, it is a kiln.  will i have to do something about
the one inch chip out of the brick?   no.
and, all electric kilns get a crack in the floor.
it does not matter.
(arnold says that the glass people are nuts over kilns..
just do not understand them...)

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