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   Yes, you do not want to fire nichrome wire too hot as it will shed black krud  and look bad. 
I once saw some elements in a junk  yard and they were cheap. Said they were 240 volt and so forth
 so I bought them  and later put them in my kiln.
   What a mess. Nichrome is run at a far lower temperature than kiln wire.
  It is proably  AWG - merican Wire Gauge if we are still usinf that. Times change and my
 engineering education is ancient so look  it up.

On Aug 3, 2018, at 6:45 PM, David Hendley <farmpots at eastex.net> wrote:

Anita - why do you want to use nichrome wire on your jars? Are you planning
on firing the jars with the wire already attached? To me, it makes more sense
to attach the wire after the pot is fired.
When I've attached wire to pots I have used galvanized steel wire - #12 A.S.&W.
(American Steel & Wire) gauge. It's about right for small to medium pots. For
larger and/or more expensive and/or decorative pots, I've used 1/8" brass
rods. This is a slightly larger diameter, and uncoated brass brazing rods from the
welding supply store are just right.
I don't know what measuring system is used to specify the diameter of
nichrome wire.

David Hendley
david at farmpots.com

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> I would like to make some covered jars with nichrome wire for the handle on the lid and a side loop for a hanging scoop or spoon. Any recommendations on an appropriate gauge for the wire?
> Thanks!Anita

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