[Clayart] HVLP Sprayer on Sale

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Hi John;

When you use this device with glaze, do you set the viscosity level?   If so, what is the figure?


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Have been using this spray outfit for 15 years, it's a great buy.
On Harbor Freight site search for: HVLP Spray Gun Kit,  Item#44677.

William Schran
wschran at twc.com

---- John Rodgers <jrodgers113 at gmail.com> wrote: 
> For years, I have used one of these HVLP Sprayers carrying the Chicago
Electric tag. It comes thru Harbor Freight and is on sale right now for $99.
Has its own built in turbine compressor so the whole unit is self
contained. This thing works pretty good for small operations. I once used
mine to glaze enough pieces (I have fogotten the number count) to serve
6500 people all at one time - both plate and drinking vessel. It did the
job. The thing works, and for the price it's a deal. If you  buy one - get
an extra cannister for the sprayer handle. Having at least one extra makes
life so much easier when working with two or more different glazes at the
same time.

John Rodgers
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