[Clayart] Nichrome Wire

Eva Gallagher galla at magma.ca
Sat Aug 4 21:38:04 EDT 2018

I've used wire attachments on lids,  or as side decorative handles. I 
use element wire - Kanthal I think - not sure if that is a trade name 
and same as nichrome. I have a whole big spool left over from 40 years 
ago when we used to wind our own elements! However i find that often the 
wire does get brittle after firing especially in a reduction firing and 
if you accidentally bang it against something it can shear off.

Eva Gallagher

Deep River, Ontario


On 2018-08-04 9:14 AM, Jacqueline Miller wrote:
> I think Anita would probably like to do this for the look. I got some nichrome wire from Archie Bray at the last NCECA but have not used it yet and don’t know the gauge. Anita, I would call Archie Bray and explain what you would like to use it for. I once asked Lorna Meaden where she got hers and she said the Bray. You can get cracking around the attachment, so give it a little leeway for clay shrinkage. Let us know how it goes.
> Best,
> Jackie
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>> On Aug 3, 2018, at 9:45 PM, David Hendley <farmpots at eastex.net> wrote:
>> Anita - why do you want to use nichrome wire on your jars? Are you planning
>> on firing the jars with the wire already attached? To me, it makes more sense
>> to attach the wire after the pot is fired.
>> When I've attached wire to pots I have used galvanized steel wire - #12 A.S.&W.
>> (American Steel & Wire) gauge. It's about right for small to medium pots. For
>> larger and/or more expensive and/or decorative pots, I've used 1/8" brass
>> rods. This is a slightly larger diameter, and uncoated brass brazing rods from the
>> welding supply store are just right.
>> I don't know what measuring system is used to specify the diameter of
>> nichrome wire.
>> David Hendley
>> david at farmpots.com
>> www.farmpots.com
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>>> I would like to make some covered jars with nichrome wire for the handle on the lid and a side loop for a hanging scoop or spoon. Any recommendations on an appropriate gauge for the wire?
>>> Thanks!Anita
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