[Clayart] MFT construction/maintenance question

Daphne Vega dvega at meca.edu
Sat Aug 4 22:48:50 EDT 2018

I built a MFT using the example and directions from Mel’s 21st century kiln book. I’ve fired it 4 times and was tightening all cables and rods before the next firing- now my roof is bowing up along the back wall, the bricks have lifted about 1/8”in the middle , they still seem securely seated on the outside of the wall. My corner supports sit at a slight outward angle, I assumed this was due to the top 1/3 of the bricks dipped in mortar (increasing the circumference). 

Has this happened to anyone else w a flat top? Should I reduce the compression or will it settle back down after I fire it?   

Thanks in advance

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