[Clayart] Shimpo Aspire Whael

MAYNARD LEEMAN mleeman at bellsouth.net
Sun Aug 5 12:20:25 EDT 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen

Does anybody have any first hand knowledge about the little table top Shimpo Aspire Wheel.  i know it has its limitations and it does not use a standard bat.  The wheel head is small and the bat pins are not as wide the bat pins are on a regular bat.
But the little wheel only weighs 25lbs and it says that it can center 20 lbs of clay.  That would cover a lot of pot making.  I know it is not a VL Whisper,  but it is a Shimpo

if anyone has a used aspire they want to  sell i might be interested in a used one.
Yours Sincerely
Maynard Leeman

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