[Clayart] flat top kiln roof

mel jacobson melpots at visi.com
Sun Aug 5 17:46:53 EDT 2018

it seems to me that you are over tighdtening things.

you may want to very carefully loosen the bolt on the opposite
corner from the lift up...an 1/8th  does not seem really bad, but
the roof should sit flat on the side walls.

re read how you tighten things, get the process in your mind...then
look at what you did, how did it happen.

i have never had to re/tighten any of my kilns...once they are tight, in 
i just fire them...my 40 cube has had like 250 firings...and many of 
those were
cone 12...so, the top is just fine.
if you need to, send me some pix.

Mel's Website:  www.melpots.com

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