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Gregg, lived in southern Cal for over 10 years - San Diego and Mission
Viejo - and many years in FL.  From San Francisco south you have
earthquakes, fires, dry season most of the year and then floods.  Sadly,
many of the fires are set.

The rest of the west coast not so much the earthquakes.  The NW has the
potential of serious volcano actions which will be catastrophic if/when
they happen.  FL, the Gulf coast and up the east coast has hurricanes -
every year.  Just don't know how bad they will be.

Huge parts of the country have tornadoes to deal with.

Each of these have profound affects on the people, animals, plants living
in these areas which the rest of the country can't even begin to imagine -
life and death affects, not counting the loss of everything one has worked
so hard to get.

At least in hurricane season one usually knows ahead of time that it is
coming and can make plans - not so much for the others.

Take care and good luck - here is hoping that sooner rather then later we
will take global warming seriously. That won't help us in our life times
but maybe help those we leave behind. - jim

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