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Just to relay my own experience with back problems as a potter, during the years I was making pots full-time in Northern California, I experienced back problems several times.  Doctor's advice was always "wait it out, get lots of rest, and then get more exercise."  That's hard to do when you are making pots full-time, helping to support your family. But I did buy a mountain bike when they first came out in the 80s and started riding it a little almost every day, and I think that helped.  The big improvement came twenty years ago when I started walking a few miles every day over a steep up and downhill course.  I have had no significant back issues since then, and doctors have confirmed that walking regularly with some serious up and downhill is one of the best things you can do for your spine.  
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On 8/6/2018 4:07 PM, wschran at twc.com wrote:
> After back surgery in 2013 I switched to stand up throwing.
> Got leg extension kit for my Shimpo VL Whisper.

I just finished reading an excellent book on back exercises and
posture--"Foundation: Redefine Your Core, Conquer Back Pain, and Move with Confidence," by Eric Goodman and Peter Park. I strongly recommend the book to every potter. You can practice the exercises several times a day. They don't take much time.

A sample exercise:



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