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Tue Aug 7 16:57:40 EDT 2018

We are still good down here in Marin. The weather is cold  (49 to 53) night and 60's or sometimes low 70's in the day. The big 4000 foot Mmt. Tamalpais just north, where our reservoirs are, gets a good enough amount of rain and sometimes floods our creeks and the lower lands suffer although my place if at 40 feet elevation, we are on a 10 degree upward slope so we get runoff but it is subsurface mostly There is a sheet of marvelous clay underlying our property. and as they leveled a building site for our. house in 1924 they exposed it at the back so we have a spring under the house in the winter . 
Need sump pump which runs every few minutes in rainy weather to pump it out.
No smoke here as the wind blew it more easterly.
However there is a ton of dry brush on the slopes of Mt. Tam so we are worried. We have our "go bags" packed and an escape car ready, 
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> Hi all!
> If you have good air, breath deeply! Now we’ve had really really bad smoke
> for weeks and lots of fear for friends in the woods!

My brother lives in Fairfield, CA. I worry about him every time there are fires. Two years ago the fires hit Fairfield but he was spared. I can't imagine living with that fear and the effects of the fires around you. I hope you are spared.


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