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mel jacobson melpots at visi.com
Tue Aug 7 18:01:28 EDT 2018

that is the old boy scout motto.
it could not be more true.

i take heart with gregg, his stuff is in the car...all things
that need to be done, are done.  he is ready to run.

it is the same thing here on walker place.  i have never
been a doomsday guy.  but, i am prepared for the worst.

in fact, if i told some Mormon friends what i have stored,
they would give me a round of applause.
dry food, rice, canned meat and fruit.
about two weeks worth...but, i rotate it
on my shelves all the time.
sam's club sized paper towels and toilet paper.

but, the propane lamps and stove.  emergency
fuel.  and always 5 gallons of non oxy gas.
and, i keep my car full of gas most of the time.
(and two gallons of white gas for that stove and
lights...and kerosene lamps from 1940.  two boxes
of big candles...like 50...and they smell good too.

our problems on the prairie is just storms..hail,
wind, tornadoes...snow and ice.  -40F
i have my generator ready at all times.

paul reminded us last time we talked...`get more gas..`
good idea,  and i added two more gallons for the garage.

i love those big boxes of AA batteries...like 50
from sam's club...flashlights galore.

if you are my neighbor and come to me for a
flashlight...i sell them for 20 bucks. i got twenty.
but, that is what i tell them...you come whinning
to me in bad times...and you are not ready...you
have to pay me.

and, of course i have home protection.  no sense
getting people rillled up.  but this old MP knows how
to handle things.  just like that old marine that raised me.

like our old story of dannon rhudy...don't be lurking around
her place at 3 a.m.  she will shoot your ass off, and won't miss.
(dannon was raised a hillbilly...had to shoot her .22 to get
food for dinner.  wore boys clothes until she was 16.
she did blossom rather well.  she will crab at me for
`tell/n on her`.  she came from a mob of about ten kids.
grew up in the woods.  she can sure take care of herself.
and still gardens, does home repair, builds stuff  and has a keen
intellect, well read....

so, anyway, all this sad talk of friends in fear and terror, makes me
very sad.  good people, trapped by nature.  but, it has always been
that way.  no matter...those that prepare, get ready for trouble seem
to survive very well. i have always loved that pig that built his house
of brick.  clay is good. 

i always remember the picture of the L.A. korean liquor store
owner in the riots.  watts....he had a  couple of sheets of plywood
nailed to the store front...big letters...`if you come in here you will
shot with double 00 buckshot.` he meant it,  they all ran past his place 
of business.
the rest of the block got trashed.  be prepared.  no one could help 
him..he was
on his own.

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