[Clayart] be prepared/ long story

Dannon Rhudy dannon at ccrtc.com
Wed Aug 8 11:10:49 EDT 2018

Mel, you exaggerate.  Sorta.  Some.  A little....

I did grow up "in the woods", 8 children plus extras
(hungry kids were always showing up).  I'm a good shot,
probably because we learned to shoot my mom's little .22
when we were eight or so.  And - I expect that I could
manage dinner on the table without a grocery store.  Don't
make fun of folks who grew up eating squirrel, rabbit, 
pan fish, etc.  It's good, and I should think healthy.
Wild meats are pretty lean, except raccoon.  Fortunately,
never had to eat raccoon. Or possum.  Quail, pheasant - yep.

And I did NOT wear boys clothes.....except sometimes, hand-me-
downs, for fishing/hunting.  

We were poor, but didn't really know it.  Thought everyone
lived like we did.  And in fact many did.  

I learned to appreciate the folks around, stopping by the
kitchen on cold fall mornings or evenings, telling stories
while they drank coffee at the table with my dad. Hunting dogs
lolling on the porch. Laughed 'til our sides hurt.  Kids always 
sat on the floor, leaning on the wall, learning how life was. 

I never minded learning that life was hard, work was good, and
in the long run it has stood me in good stead.  Studio is where
I spend most of my time, now.  But that's just my good fortune.
Summer & winter, most of the food still comes off the farm.  My
garden is my great pleasure.  And keeps me from bending over the
wheel for too long at a time..........

I don't hunt now. But I might start if the $#@!!%! squirrels and
rabbits don't stay out of my garden........

Mel, don't be makin' fun of us hillbillies. Get back at 'cha, ever'
single time.  And make you laugh doin' it..........


p.s. - Good to be prepared, tho.  Whatever's best for the preparer.
When one lives along the edge of tornado alley, a big pantry and
a chainsaw makes all the difference.

Mel said: 

that is the old boy scout motto.
it could not be more true.

i take heart with gregg, his stuff is in the car...all things
that need to be done, are done.  he is ready to run.


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