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mel jacobson melpots at visi.com
Thu Aug 9 13:03:56 EDT 2018

my son was a hunter/gatherer...he loved wild food, honey,
fish....so.  (we had our own bee hives.)

when at college he got his hunting buddies together and went out
and got a good load of squirrels, rabbits and fish.(and one bright white
turkey)  he decided to
invite gobs of people to their place and make  BOUILLABASISSE...
with wild game and fish.

he was a cook, for sure.  he paid for most of his school being a steak 
fry cook
at a local supper club/resort.  he fed himself that way too.
(he also made friends with the local butcher at a big store.
he would ask the fellow for any turkey legs etc that was close
to outdated...a got a few a week...nice dinner...free.)

everyone loved it.  praised mark for days after...`when are you having it
again...`  he said it was far too expensive to re/do.

he did it to prove the psychology of food and likes and dislikes.
he used the theme for a psych class he was in.
(he was not academic, but this paper saved his butt in that class.
he got a b, not a d.  the prof asked him to tell the story to the
entire class. nice   and then the story got out, and spread around campus.

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