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Good question.

Yep, Kingery is worth reading.  Also Linus Pauling's  "The nature of the
chemical Bond."

Keep in mind that green ware still has about 10 % water adsorbed on the
clay and other particles.  Mostly the particles are held together by van
der Waals bonding.  There also is significant ionic bonding between various
edges of the crystalline particles in the clay body.

Ivor Lewis often wrote about this topic. (miss his posts!)


On Sun, Aug 12, 2018 at 8:13 PM, Snail Scott <claywork at flying-snail.com>

> Hey, chemists!
> I’ve been trying to mentally model the structure of greenware, and I’m not
> satisfied with my understanding.
> I believe I (and most of us) have a pretty good grasp on what holds wet
> clay together, and also what holds fired clay together. But greenware has
> neither melted silica (vitrification) nor water (surface tension) holding
> it together. Can its cohesion be accounted for solely with friction between
> particles, or are other forces (ionic?) at work?
> Do I need to crack open Kingery again?
> Snail Scott
> claywork at flying-snail.com
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