[Clayart] Using clay to print and whisper wheels

Snail Scott claywork at flying-snail.com
Tue Aug 14 16:41:41 EDT 2018

> On Aug 14, 2018, at 7:54 AM, Terry Lazaroff <terrylazaroff at gmail.com> wrote:
> Get wheels that lock….

I was assuming that this had already been done, and that the friction just wasn’t sufficient to keep the locked wheels from scooting. I use locking casters on my work pedestals (for handbuilding) but they can definitely be scooted around even with locked wheels, if there is enough force in one direction. This seldom happens when I’m handbuilding, but the force seems comparable to what a person might exert while centering, especially a novice relying more on force than leverage.

Has anyone put wheels on their wheel (did that phrase make sense?), and has the locks be sufficient?


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