[Clayart] Studio clean out sale

David Woof woofpots at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 23 13:38:44 EDT 2018

ya Steve, I am near to another studio "clean out" also....

Some fortunate soul should grab your Walker pug ASAP.

Only one in its league is the old Soldner tub w/stationary mix bars which I also have, and perhaps be willing to surrender for an equitable price.

But I emphatically say: buy Steve's Walker!!! and live on w/out regrets. (and perhaps wi'out some fingers ifen yous gets stupit)

Woofin back in Oregon

David "Thing Maker" Woof

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Good Morning,
After much consideration and need for space, I am selling the kiln building supplies that I have acquired over the years. Also for sale is a Walker Pug Mill.
Kiln Building Supplies...
2 Full Cases of 1" x 24" x 300" 6 lbs density Super wool $55 each
3 Full Cases 20 each K23 3" #1 Arch Brick $65 each
17 Full Cases 12 each K23 2 1/2 Straight Brick $30 each
Full Gallon Blanket Rigidizer $50
A LOT of used and some new soft brick...had been a kiln  $100
A lot of hard brick $100
5 sections of stainless steel chimney 4 8" x 36", 1 8" x 18", 1 top plate adaptor  $100
Walker Pugmill $200
Local pick up would be the best. If you want it all, I can come down a little more on the prices.
Thanks, Steve Dalton
Clear Creek Pottery
Lake Stevens, WA
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