[Clayart] talking sulfur

mel jacobson melpots at visi.com
Thu Aug 23 17:20:08 EDT 2018

a couple of my buddies in the clay business have
said that a couple of good clays...like yellow banks
have had trouble with `stuff` in them.

i do think things have tightened in industry to keep
sulfur and crud (scientific term) out of clay bodies
used in every day production.   i am just guessing, because
they are careful about publishing info that would frighten

both goldart and redart have good histories...ohio clay...
the mines are pretty good.  they told me at least 60 more years
of clay production.  (obviously i have had some conversations with
the redart people.)
years back i was firing some old amaco clay and my school room turned
blue.  smoke.  pure sulfur smell.  nasty stuff to be boxed for school use.
but, then...the times were different.  i talked to grandpa sandos (owner 
of amaco)as a memory
conversation...he said...`sometimes the seam of clay ran right next to a 
coal seam`.
i bet we often had coal in the clay...

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