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Douglas Fur 23drb50 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 13:41:53 EDT 2018

Thanks for the compliment.
I think "Excellent tutorial. Clear and understandable."-Bob Hackert  Is how
the University of Clayart works best.
Share your experience giving essential details. Admit your short comings
(for those multitudiness times in which we do something because we've
always done it that way but we really don't know why it works.)  Recognize
precedents. We're all learners here. We've learned from others and when we
pass that forward maybe others will learn from it. And remember that many
people get here through a Google search for a topic so what may feel like
too much information for a knowledgeable clay-arter might just provide the
key word that searcher needs to get here.

Seola Creek
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