[Clayart] Thank you for your guidance

Snail Scott claywork at flying-snail.com
Sun Mar 4 13:22:37 EST 2018

> On Mar 3, 2018, at 6:23 AM, Paul Gerhold <gerholdclay at gmail.com> wrote:
> ...Agree with everything except your statement that absorption or bisque temp. Is not relevant when applying glaze by brushing. In fact having a relatively non porous bisque is critical to getting long brush strokes and a streak free even glaze coat. A high bisque temp. and  multiple applications are critical to getting an even glaze application by brushing. Adding glycerin will also help…

True, I was oversimplifying quite a bit. That’s why I said ‘nearly irrelevant’, but I didn’t actually go into detail. 

Low bisque will be more absorbent than high bisque, so brush strokes will flow more freely on higher-fired bisque. (Ironically, more like they would on greenware!) One might think that more absorbency would be a plus, since each stroke tend to be thicker, but it’s much tougher to get an smooth, even coating. More, thinner coats are preferable. As you noted, additives (glycerin, CMC, and/or propylene glycol) can also be useful, and dampening the bisqueware can help, too. For people who must share their firings with others in a classroom or art center setting, these options can give you more control even when you can’t choose your preferred bisque temp.


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