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Thank you Michael.


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> On Oct 1, 2018, at 6:23 AM, Michael Wendt <mwendt at wendtpottery.com> wrote:
> As requested, I shot a short video of the glaze mixing and screening set up I use.
> I don't know if this YouTube link will pass through so if not , just Google
> Michael Wendt pottery videos and see if it comes up
> here is the link:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8irYS3tKxtY&feature=youtu.be
> Ask any further questions or come visit, camera and note book in hand and copy what you find useful.
> You are all welcome to visit.
> Michael Wendt
> Lewiston, Idaho
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>> Michael Wendt wrote:
>> I can't really see a reason to use a Talisman brush approach to screening
>> when a simple vibratory screen can be built for almost nothing. Mine is
>> made
>> from an old washing machine motor I got at a yard sale for a dollar.
>> Two adjustable weights control the vibration. The funnel is an aluminum
>> reflector from a portable work lamp.
>> Hi Michael,
>> This is a great idea I want to put on my projects list but I'm not seeing
>> in the video where the adjustable weights are.  Are they just nuts on a
>> threaded shaft? Got any better images on your website?
>> A little annoyed I didn't think of this myself, since I, too, view regular
>> screening as a necessity. And even with best intentions and a Talisman
>> whirl-a-sieve, it's a messy time sink that sends my sneakers running for
>> the hose almost every time.
>> Jeff Lawrence
>> jefflawr at gmail.com
>> jeffreylawrence.net
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