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MAYNARD LEEMAN mleeman at bellsouth.net
Tue Oct 2 13:11:37 EDT 2018

Question 1
After the glaze is mixed, and screened it goes back in a bucket.  Now users of the glaze mix it up with a jiffy mixer in a drill before using.
Why does no one screen that glaze before using it.   Usually the buckets have dried glaze around the top of the bucket.  It looks to me like that if the glaze needed screening after it was first mixed, it might need screening before each using.   Way to much work to screen it every time you use a glaze though.

Tid bit from me.
When mixing a new glaze, after it is mixed up and before screening it, I have a large kitchen strainer that fits over a 5 gallon bucket.  I run my glaze thru that kitchen strainer a couple of times to get all of the big chunks worked out before screening thru an 80 mesh screen.  That helps.  Or at least I think it does.
Comments and or suguestions would be greatly appreciated
Yours Sincerely,Maynard Leeman=ml=
God Bless

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