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Credit goes to Ron Meyers White Slip.  Works as Engobe also; with colored stains added.
I have fired this many times over the last 10 years. Every where from  04 to large cone 9/10 on all stages from fresh off the wheel, leather hard, bone dry, and after 010 bisque.

Takes stains well.  Takes oxide stain brush drawings, and when dry on bisque ware, graphite layout sketching.

 EPK 34,***

Pot Feldspar 27,***

Ball 20, ***

Silica 19, ***

Zircopax  8.0,  ***

Soda Ash 0.25***

Sodium Silicate 0.25***

*** (OR Darvan 0.5 in substitution for Soda Ash and Sodium Silicate.)

I use Darvan since Glass Magic Hard Water Treatment went off market.

David Woof


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Helen in Ecuador wrote:
I have a recipe for an engobe which i hope to apply to leatherhard and bone
dry ware - Kaolin 20, Ball Clay 30, Custer Feldspar 30, Silica 20.  ...
... I am concerned about getting a light base
colour, to which I can add oxides and carbonates to get various colours.

Hi Helen,
That recipe looks like to me like it would tend to flake off very readily.
As another engobe data point for you from John Conrad c5-c10 (allegedly for
wet, dry or bisqueware), his favorite has less ball clay:
silica 24
custer feldspar 23
georgia kaolin 19
OM4 ball clay 16
nepheline syenite 10
zircopax 8
It applied and fired better for me with 5-7% borax; also, gave a nice white
base (iron spots still came through) on dark stoneware, so should work for
colors (what could possibly go wrong??)
I'll bet it would be fine if necessary to sub feldspar for the nepheline
syenite and local clay for OM4.
Thin coats - just enough to cover - worked well for me on leatherhard and
dry greenware; flaked off bisque, but I kind of expected that!
Good luck,
Jeff Lawrence
jefflawr at gmail.com
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