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Daphne Vega dvega at meca.edu
Wed Oct 10 14:34:42 EDT 2018

Hi Mel-
I don't feel sorry for you, but I do feel. Clayart is funny, creates a
feeling of knowing each other even when we have never met. So, I feel for
all the care you have taken on and the decisions you have been faced with,
I can only imagine the strength and love needed to do all of this.


On Mon, Oct 8, 2018 at 4:00 AM mel jacobson <melpots at mail.com> wrote:

> i took my wife to a wonderful care facility last week.
> the transition for her will be a little tough as she has
> lived in this house for 55 years....but, time will heal all.
> do not feel sorry for me...this was long over due, and caring
> alone for her had become daunting.  so...life moves on.
> many of you are in the same, or similar life conditions..so
> yes, we move on.
> mel
> website: www.melpots.com

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