[Clayart] Shimpo Whisper electrical issue

wschran at twc.com wschran at twc.com
Thu Oct 11 20:51:10 EDT 2018

When I first got my Whisper back in the nineties after setting up I turned it on, pressed on the pedal and nothing happened.
I called the Shimpo help line and the tech walked me through opening the foot pedal and making an adjustment.
I don't recall what I adjusted but it solved the problem.
Perhaps opening the foot pedal you might see adjustments to make to solve the issue.

William Schran
wschran at twc.com

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> We have a Shimpo Whisper with an intermittent electrical problem.  I tried inquiring of Shimpo about it, but haven't had any response.  So I figured maybe I'd consult the Hive Mind on the theory that surely someone out there has had the same problem.  It's thus: The wheel will suddenly stop, for no discernible reason, and attempt, as near as I can tell, to spin in both directions at the same time.  It locks up, but once I disengage the pedal, it once again spins freely.  Sometimes it does this immediately when I turn in on.  Other times, I'll be right in the middle of throwing and it'll suddenly do it.  Sometimes turning it off and letting it rest for a while fixes it, and sometimes not.  Sometimes tipping it onto its side fixes it, and sometimes not.  The other thing it occasionally does, though much less frequently, is that it'll suddenly spin at maximum speed and in the opposite direction.  Only turning the power switch off will stop it when it does this.  My father-in-law opened it up and giggled some wires and that helped for a time, but now it's back to doing its thing. Has anyone else encountered this problem, and how do I solve the problem?  Threats?  Sacrificing squirrels to Loki? -Nathan MillerThistillium PotteryNewberg, OR 
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