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Sat Oct 13 08:18:37 EDT 2018

Glad to hear Sharlene  is settling in well.

I still remember the day when that kiln stack went missing....


William Schran
wschran at twc.com

---- mel jacobson <melpots at visi.com> wrote: 
> again, it is very touching and meaningful to hear nice things
from dear friends.

sharlene is adjusting well to her new home. she is a sweet 
lady naturally,
so that makes her life much easier in any facility.  the folks 
like her.  she does follow
directions, likes to eat, and sleep.

of course they love their 15 new mugs in the staff lunch room.

bob anderson and mel are at the farm, along with our new neighbor
rod...and, we have our tiny kiln getting ready to fire for the 
first time
in six years.  it does make us smile a great deal.  i had a 
small burner
with thermocouple and shut off added to warm up the kiln.  dry 
it out.

we found an entire box filled with kurt mugs(bisque 
fired)...we glazed them with
shino, along with 12 of bob's mugs...so fun

we need a new stack, so no time to get liners, just got a ten foot
8 inch metal pipe.   it will not last long, but a 12 buck 
item.so, burn it up
and make a new one in the spring.

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