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Sat Oct 13 22:04:20 EDT 2018

Darnnit!  Now we're gonna have to steal that stack again this coming June....
William Schran
wschran at twc.com

---- mel jacobson <melpots at visi.com> wrote: 
> how many can claim to have done this?

we loaded, added a ten foot piece of 8 inch sheet metal
pipe.   started the kiln.
8 inch pipe was far too small an opening from the kiln stack...
damn, slow going.  sorta bob and mel growling.  mel bought
a dumb pipe...too small.

then about 3 pm we both got pissed...did the bob and mel
show.   shut off the kiln...pushed a piece of m board in the
damper slot.
took off the metal stack.  took off the corbel brick.
got if flat.

went to the rubble kiln...took that stack off.
about 11 inches...liners...about 7 feet long.

installed it on the hot kiln....used a wooden hammer
and moved the hot bricks around....put in a kaowool gasket.
dropped the new stack in place.
took out the m board , slide in the damper..opened it
and lite the burners..turned it to warp speed.
hit cone 11 in and hour and 45 minutes.  and we are sure the
pyrometer was wonky.  the color of the kiln did not match
the pyrometer...typical.

now it is 7:15  my daughter and husband came over...we sat around
and had a chili dinner...cheese and corn bread....then honey.\
apple crisp from apples from the yard.  rod just loves the whole
thing...said he never had a day like today with doctors...he 
had breakfast
with us, we cut down three trees, loaded and fired a 
kiln...and did
`heart surgery on a dead kiln`...came back to life.
ate great home made food.  and laughed all day.

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