[Clayart] nceca reservation

kathleen gordon kjgordon at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 13:55:43 EDT 2018

I made a reservation at two NCECA hotels thinking I can cancel one when I
decided which would be best.
. I called to cancel the Hilton today and they told me they are keeping my
186.70 non refundable deposit!. I have never had a nonrefundable deposit at
a hotel before!
so if you are making a reservation to NCECA hotels be careful, even this
far in advance. Read the small print.
If someone wants to take over my reservation they can, without a penalty to
me,as long as they pay me the deposit, rather than the hotel.
Heres hoping someone wants to stay the Hilton for 165 a night plus tax from
march 26 to march 30,2019.

kathleen gordon
'if things seem under control you are not going
fast enough" mario andretti
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