[Clayart] Wondering how to price a kiln with a broken controller

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Hi Debbie, the elements also may not test within limits for resistance, so new elements may cost 3 to 500.00 US plus all else..... so ask $75.00 and be prepared to take $50.00,... or give it away,  just to be free of the unusable "monster" (one woman"s junk can be another's treasure!!!!)

Have a great day and celebrate good things all evening with Jim,



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I acquired an older Evenheat kiln years ago that I never got around to
testing. Now that I would like to sell it because it's just too big for my
needs, I decided to finally test it because I can't claim that it works
until I do, and I don't like selling things under false pretense. Well, it
turns out that it needed for than the obvious thermocouple replacement, as
it will turn on, but the Perfect Fire display only shows random temperatures
(50 degree below what they are) going up and down. When I press any of the
buttons nothing happens at all.

The kiln is the 2329, and current models have the Ramp Master controls. I
think it may still be worth it to someone who has the money to buy a Ramp
Master to install on the kiln, but am not sure what to price the kiln at.
Bricks are in great shape, elements look good (I've replaced elements on my
other kiln, and know what bad ones tend to look like), and body is in
terrific shape. So I know that it should be good for use as a gas kiln if
one wanted, a manual kiln if someone wanted, or upgrading to the ramp
master, etc. But I just have no idea what to ask for that is fair to both me
and the buyer.

Any ideas?


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