[Clayart] Skutt kiln unknown error message

Owen Dearing owen at mugrevolution.com
Wed Oct 24 23:07:29 EDT 2018


I bought a used Skutt 1027 last weekend for a song. 2-1/2” brick. The seller told me that it was possible that the controller needed to be replaced. The kiln had been owned by his mom and had not been used in over 5 years, and he did not have the proper wiring to plug it in and test it. Since the kiln is in pristine condition, I bought it, knowing that I might need to sink some money into it, but even still it would be a good deal.

So…I plugged it in and got a “c c c c” reading on the lcd. (Four lower case ‘c’ letters showing in the upper part of the lcd, nothing else.) Pushing any of the buttons did nothing. I called Skutt and they said that is weird, we don’t have an error code for that. They recommended replacement of the controller which is around 300 bucks. They also suggested I consider replacing the entire box which would include a new controller, relays, and all new wiring. Basically everything except new elements for a little over $700. They said this as the kiln is one of the first 1027s they made, the kiln is about 25 years old even though it looks brand new inside and out.

I’m not adverse to dropping the big bucks into this kiln if needed, I’ll still get basically a slightly use kiln for about half price. However I am wondering if anyone has had this problem before and was able to fix it without getting a new controller? Any thoughts appreciated.

Cheers, Owen

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