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Paul Gerhold gerholdclay at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 12:10:21 EDT 2018

It would seem there are two possible reasons why anyone would actually need a computer controlled kiln. One of course would be the ability to change settings without having to be present. And the other would be if you are firing a very finicky glaze that needs really precise temperature control during downfiring. 

Given all the electrical issues that occur with a manual kiln  it would seem the added expense and issues of an electronic controller would prevent most people from going the electronic controller route.

And I would think that Kiln manufacturers would know exactly what the recommended operating temperatures for their kiln components are. 


> On Oct 25, 2018, at 8:59 AM, mel jacobson <melpots at mail.com> wrote:
> i had a great deal of mal/function with my controller on my
> small kiln.  i finally ordered a kiln sitter with switch/relay.
> i spent more time messing with the orton controller than i did
> making pots.  and, you learn new swear words.
> i was also of the opinion that a controller screwed to a kiln was a 
> bad system.  it got very hot.
> arnold has been testing controllers now that have kaowool blanket between
> the kiln and controller...he is getting temps of 125F from 170F without the 
> insulation.
> in my mind, it is still too hot.
> my stand off controller works fine. i bet it never gets above room temp. it is
> two feet from the kiln.
> what was one of the first things we learned with our first computers in
> 1990???  keep them cool.  and gamers ran a/c through the machine.
> now we have 170 on the controller???/what the hell is that?  and then
> think of the heat on relay systems and transformer?  
> and, the big one for me was the controller would not let me fire at the
> speed i wanted....why is it set for slow fire?  i don't slow fire.
> i am firing to cone 7 in the kiln in under four hours.  and, i do not
> like machines telling me what to do...gd it.
> skutt now has a touch screen...big whup.  what is the temp of the controller?
> and, my last line is....controlled kilns have to be watched...they can malfunction
> just like any kiln.  don't control kilns from fifty miles away.  be home, be near and
> monitor your firings....try explaining to an insurance investigator that you monitored
> your burned up kiln from your cell phone from a movie.....good luck.
> mel
> website: www.melpots.com

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