[Clayart] Fixing spray guns

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Hi Bob - 
Glaze materials are very abrasive and very hard on spray guns.  Over time they enlarge the nozzle orifice and reduce the needle size and shape, which causes the gun to sputter and spit, and they wear out the seals on the needle, which causes the gun to leak and drip glaze on you and your wares.  As inexpensive as those guns are, I have never felt it worthwhile to repair them.  When they start malfunctioning, I recycle whatever parts I can and toss the rest.
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I have several small gravity-feed spray guns (1/2 cup, automotive touch-up
style) that I use for glazing. Some of them have started spitting and sputtering. I've taken them apart and cleaned everything, but I couldn't find the cause. Any ideas?

Another one is leaking, and I assume it has to do with the needle valve getting worn. Has anyone been able to successfully replace parts in those--or should I just trash it and get a new one?

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