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Can't recall when, but would think in the late 1980's or early 1990's L&L began using larger diameter and thicker Kanthal A-1 elements.
I bought a manual control/Kilnsitter L&L in 1985 with smaller elements. The element holders in the kiln where smaller than the holders that would follow in later kilns.
I discovered this when I ordered replacement elements and was told the newer thicker elements would not fit in my older kiln because the element holder were too small.


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> During my 24 years running the clay program at Tennessee Tech University's Appalachian Center for Craft, we bought L&L kilns exclusively, three in service at a time, and always the e23T as soon as they were available.  In that time, we never had a single problem with a controller other than the expected periodic replacement of thermocouples and relays.  We never had a computer board go bad.  The error codes that read on the controller were always accurate.  Also, and I do not have an explanation for this, we got much better element life with the electronic controller kilns than with the earlier L&L kiln-sitter kilns.   I had a lot more problems with kiln sitters - the cone support prongs, the sensing rod, and the contacts - than I ever have with the programmable controllers.
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