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Nice work Paul;

I tried to open the interview and received a “not found” msg.   


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Last year as part of recording the online china painting course that I did through TeachinArt.com <http://teachinart.com/>, Antoinette Badenhorst interviewed me about my career and how I got into china painting and all that.  She’s just put it up on her web site at https://porcelainbyantoinette.com/antoinette-interviews-art <https://porcelainbyantoinette.com/antoinette-interviews-art> if you’d like to see it.  It’s about 17 minutes long.  We’re just finishing up the first offering of that china painting course, but we’re going to run it again starting in about a month.  Also check out their other courses, not just with Antoinette, but also with Marcia Selsor, Marie Gibbons, David Voorhees, Nan Rothwell and Curtis Banzle.
Paul Lewing
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