[Clayart] cutting shelves

JeffreyLawrence jefflawr at gmail.com
Fri Aug 2 13:40:51 EDT 2019

Kathi was wondering about cutting nitride-bonded silicon carbide shelves...

Hello Kathi,
A few years ago, in the same situation, I bought two $20 diamond-impregnated cutting wheels for my angle grinder, set up a tub for shelves with just enough water to cover them, and went to town.
The good news is, it worked until the wheels wore down to nothing.
The bad news is, the wheels wore out really fast. 
It was nice to get straight lines, but it turned out a lot faster and cheaper to nibble them into better shapes with a locking pliers, accepting an organic edge.
I suspect a tile saw would work better, since flowing water would flush the cut but those blades wear out too, and aren’t cheap. Whole experience made me realize kiln-shelf cutting charges by vendors of a buck or two per cut aren’t out of line.

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