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mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Tue Aug 13 09:25:41 EDT 2019

i had an end of the summer sale a week ago.  we added a garage sale, and an estate sale
to the mix.  as my daughter and husband have moved in, things are changing fast and we had
more crap between us as they sold/left their home, with all there stuff and moved in here.
i have stuff too.

so...since dave is a master mechanic he had about 90K worth of tools, and he retired
early....the garage was stuffed.
we used my mailing list, facebook, neighborhood watch list and i did the art teacher
of the year paper signs all over the neighborhood.

my god it worked.  we sold so much stuff it blew my head over.  dave only put out
tools that were a bit rusty, or old...like a five gallon pail of sockets...it all blew
out of here.  it was clear and 72 both days...phew.

i decided to set out all the older pots that sharlene has horded over the years...stuff from
about 1975 and on.  it all sold...and, it really belonged to my customers anyway...what can
i do with it?...the kids all have pots galore...and, i am still healthy making many more.
so...we got rid of a lot of stuff.  and my entire collection of pots is going to the AMOCA museum
in L.A.  that container will leave here the first of september.
it feels good.  and, all my 700 plus customers know about sharlene and my life change.

things are fine. we are adjusting to the change, and sharlene is happy and content, with great
care in her new home.  it is, what it is...nothing can change except my own attitude, and
we are working on that every day.

 i have given my daughter permission to change the house to whatever
she wants...and sharlene was in love with tan...our kitchen is now mint and violet. it makes me
smile. the upstairs is totally new and lovely. i live in the basement, and they do not have
a lock on the door. phew.  i have had an apartment style living space for me in the finished
basement for years. my computer room, tv space, and my own bathroom have been here for years.
and a lovely guest bedroom.
i love the space.  the only no no is...stay out of my studio. no car repair in the studio. garage only.
that is written in stone.
things are fine.  doing well.  happy and getting content.
i am rebuilding my house at the farm...in my own style..put in a elec fence
for the dog, and i spend entire weeks at the farm...happiness.

website: www.melpots.com

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