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I used to make slip from my porcelain body to decorate with. I found  
that it would crack as it dried so I decided to deflocculate it.

Just take some thick slip - say a cup - add a few drops of Darvan 7  
and stir. Just repeat that until the slip thins. I then added more  
powdered clay to thicken again. Add a few more drops of Darvan - when  
adding Drvan and the slip does not thin out anymore you have a  
deflocced slip that needs a lot less water and will not crack when it  


Quoting Snail Scott <claywork at flying-snail.com>:

>> On Aug 14, 2019, at 12:37 PM, Bob Johnson <impaladrive at gmail.com> wrote:
>> When you make slip for slip trailing or similar decorations, what mesh
>> sieve do you use?  I make my slip from B-mix trimmings and would  
>> like to make it as thick as
>> possible but also get it smooth?
> I wouldn?t bother to sieve a slip or engobe at all, unless you  
> suspect non-clay contaminants in your trimmings. When you mix your  
> slip, start with dry ingredients, crushed up small. Add some water  
> to the bottom of your container, add the dry materials, then add  
> enough water to cover the dry. LET IT SLAKE! Do not start mixing  
> until it has fully slaked (soaked until it?s fully wet right  
> through.) The size of your chunks will determine how long this  
> takes: if nothing is thicker than 1/4?, a half hour is likely  
> sufficient, though it does depend on the clay body. (I make slips  
> from B-Mix, too.) If you have thicker chunks, wait longer. Don?t  
> disturb it until then, or the portions of the mix that have already  
> slaked will become slip, and coat the remaining unslaked parts. This  
> will actually prevent them from slaking, resulting in annoying  
> lumps. If allowed to slake properly, you will get a very smooth slip  
> even without mechanical mixing or sieving. After slaking, pour off  
> excess water, then mix. It should end up at a mayonnaise-like  
> consistency. You can always add more water back in if you want it  
> thinner.
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